Few Ways to Counter Cyber Security Threat

Cyber security is much needed as the threat lingers on especially when more and more incidents of hacking are being reported. Value of data of an organization determines the overall risk of getting attacked. To avoid this, few suggestions are enlisted.

Create A Solid Fence Of Defense

The first method to prevent a theft is always to keep the thief out of the concerned area. In case of a malware, you need to construct a fence with the help of effective anti-virus software which eliminates the risk by limiting its entry into the system. Even a small breach should not be overlooked and regular inspection and quarantine of any suspicious activity should be promptly done.

Outdated Softwares Are A Risk

Cisco showed in its recent survey that more than 90% devices had numerous vulnerabilities. Many of them were using outdated software. New patches are introduced in the updates which also bridge the gaps and remove or reduce vulnerability. Hence running old software can pose a threat by leaving the system susceptible to hackers.

Backup Data and Encryption

Encryption can save the data and hence can be used for more sensitive data. Backups can be very helpful in case of hacking of any system as the data can be restored and hence made available to be used immediately. This system is not fool proof however as malware can infect backup data as well.

Prevent Human Errors

Human errors play a major role in providing chance to hackers. It is in form of phishing whereby tempting links are sent to the concerned person and he clicks on it hence starting the problem. The ways of phishing are becoming complicated day by day so a comprehensive education of employees is needed so that they can recognize the threat, steer clear of it and report it as suspicious activity.

Introduce VPN

Many workers have to work remotely for the company. Provision of VPN to such employees can result in safer transfer of data and ensures less interference from hackers.

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