How to Be Secretive About Your Computer

Many people have the habit of browsing between the files and folders on someone else’s computer. Privacy and security is key and a right of every individual. It is perfectly fine if you don’t want anyone to intrude your privacy and use your computer to browse your personal files or web history. There are several ways through which you can stop others from snooping into your computer and spy on you.

  • Start with reinstalling your operating system so that all the junk that has accumulated will be wiped off and you can start from clean hard drive. In this way you can also keep a check on all the programs that run on your computer and all the data you have saved.
  • Whenever you have to leave your computer unattended, never forget to press windows key + L. This will instantly lock your computer restricting others from using it in your absence.
  • Remove web history and internet cookies from your browser. If you are using chrome, you can use incognito window. Incognito windows does not store any history or any other information of your visit to any website.
  • There are two programs called “FreeOTFE” and “TrueCrypt” that can be used to secure documents. You can keep private document in it and it is for all intents and purposes difficult to break the encryption.
  • Use more secretive passwords that are difficult to guess. Never reuse a password because sometimes if one of your account is hacked, possibility is that hacker will use the same password to hack your other accounts. You can also use a password manager which store your login data for every one of the sites you visited and help you sign into them accordingly.
  • Save secret files that you don’t want others to view in randomly named folders and folders within folders, so that it will be hard to access the file and folder.
  • When you delete anything from your computer, it does not instantly erase from your memory but instead it goes into trash or recycle bin. Always erase data from recycle bin also so that it will be properly deleted.

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