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Managed Services and IT Support for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Texas.


Need to cut down your IT costs?

Save your IT costs

Our effective IT solutions would help save you upto 30% or more over your current IT cost.


Tired of long term contracts?

Month to Month IT Support Contracts

We believe in client retention through outstanding IT support, not long term contracts.


Fed-up of being charged per hour?

Monthly payment remains the same

The monthly payment remains the same every month and does not vary with the hours consumed.


Need relief from the stress of downtime?

Remote Tech Support

Our IT experts will remotely access and manage your system so you won’t have to experience any down time.


Need to stay focused on your business goals?

Scheduled on site Visits

Our experienced tech specialists will schedule routine visits to diagnose any potential computer or network problems.


Do you need a professional opinion for an IT concern?

24/7/365 User Support

Just give us a call on 1-877-575-9961 today or email us at support@intellegensinc.com.

Intellegens, Inc. has been providing IT support services to SMEs in Houston, Missouri City, Bellaire, Clear-Lake, Conroe, Galleria, Katy, Sugarland, Woodlands and other adjacent areas since 2011. Our IT consulting services include complete offline & Online services like Back Office Automation, LAN, WLAN, WAN Setups & Management, Network Security Management, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Services, Business VoIP Services, Remote Management & Monitoring, Website & Web Applications Designing & Development, Domains, Shared, Dedicated or Cloud Hosting Managed Solutions, Office 365 Migration & Management, Azure Cloud Services, Social Media Management, Online Advertising on Google Network, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter plus a host of other technology solutions.

Houston IT Support

If you run a small to medium-sized business, you undoubtedly understand the importance and value of reliable Houston IT support. Your business IT needs are unique, which is why we help you craft a solution that works specifically for your operation. You won’t have to sign a long term contract when you work with our professional IT support team. This is highly advantageous, especially if you’re running an enterprise start-up. If you sign a longterm IT support contract, you may end up paying for services you simply do not use. Our scalable IT support solutions allow your business to grow and evolve whenever the situations warrants.

Managed Network Infrastructure Support from Intellegens

Your network infrastructure is the heart of your business operations. As your Houston business grows, you need more robust IT infrastructure to ensure your technology demands are met. Our Houston IT support experts can help identify technical issues ahead of time. This prevents unwanted and expensive downtime and helps you maintain uninterrupted productivity. You also gain a competitive advantage from collecting real-time data concerning your network.

Your managed network infrastructure also remains protected. Cyber attacks can be devastating, so we ensure you stay protected with a comprehensive cybersecurity plan that includes firewall protection and two-factor authentication.

To find out more about how our Houston IT support team can help maintain, support, and protect your network infrastructure, give us a call today.

Server Support and Monitoring from our Houston IT Support Experts

If one of your servers fails, you run the risk of losing important data or experiencing a significant loss of productivity. Our server support and monitoring solutions provide your small to medium-sized business with 24/7 protection.

This IT support service ensures all of your servers and server backups are running nominally. It’s often possible to anticipate failures before they happen. If a server fails, we know about it in real time, which allows us to take immediate action.

Can you afford a server failure? If not, talk to one of our Houston IT professionals about support and monitoring solutions that work for your business.

Houston IT Consulting Services

Sometimes you have an IT question that demands an answer. Get professional advice that you can trust by scheduling a visit for an IT consultation. A member of our team can help you develop a customized network solution to just about any problem.

One of our Houston IT experts will take a snapshot of your entire network infrastructure to gauge its overall health. We then talk to you about your operation to get a better idea of how best to make technology work for your business. Finally, we develop a plan to improve your IT infrastructure while acknowledging budgetary demands.

One of our IT consultants can help you procure hardware and software that is suited to your business’ unique needs. Once the new system is deployed, we can even hang around to ensure that everything functions as intended and that the IT infrastructure is being used to its full potential. We will also train your personnel to ensure maximum productivity and investment potential.

Houston IT Services

Comprehensive Houston IT support for your small to medium sized business is accomplished with our full suite of services. One of the most important IT services we provide is reliable 24/7 cybersecurity that protects your data from both internal and external threats. Some cybersecurity threats are more common, like phishing and malware attacks. Others, like ransomware, are becoming more common and could seriously affect your bottom line.

Our Houston IT support specialists will implement security protocols that protect your IT infrastructure from malicious attacks. Real-time monitoring ensures that attacks are discovered before they do any real damage. Cloud backups ensure you can continue to do business even if a setback occurs.

It’s important to note that your personnel are your first line of defense against cybercriminals. Every worker in your office must understand how to identify common threats. Clicking a link or opening a malicious email can introduce malware or ransomware into your IT infrastructure, so multiple lines of defense are necessary.

If your employees can identify a threat, it has no chance of taking root. However, if a mistake is made, our cybersecurity defense protocols are triggered. The threat is then isolated or purged. There are a number of other protocols you can implement independently that will further enhance your cybersecurity protocols. Our Houston IT consultants can help you develop a reliable security infrastructure that will protect you from today’s most vicious cyber attacks.

Back Office Management from Intellegens

Small to medium-sized business owners are often overwhelmed with paperwork and information. Our Houston IT specialists can help you develop a comprehensive back office management solution that makes it safe, efficient, and practical to electronically store important data at your office.

Workflow management is often a key component of an effective back office management solution. Improved efficiency paired with a more streamlined organization increases productivity and helps drive a healthy bottom line. Your situation is unique, so it demands a unique solution from a qualified Houston IT services professional. We are ready to help.

24/7 Server Support and Monitoring Ensures Little Downtime

Downtime is the enemy of productivity and can have a detrimental effect on your bottom line. How can you conduct business if you’re unable to open emails, respond to customers, or even perform the most mundane business tasks?

Small to medium-sized business owners rely on technology to drive business. In today’s market, it’s the only way to compete. Unfortunately, technology will fail at some point in time. It is inevitable. Your response to these failures will dictate whether downtime becomes a serious problem or a minor inconvenience. If technology fails you, your customers will see it as your failure, so your response to tech failures must be swift.

By investing in 24/7 server support and monitoring, you are insuring against random technological failures. Our IT tech support team continuously monitors your network, seeking to anticipate problems before they result in costly downtime. If a member of your team encounters a problem, simply give us a call and a technician will immediately respond.

Periodic system checks further ensure that your IT infrastructure remains reliable and secure. Routine security scans ensure that antivirus software is always up to date.

Preventing downtime is at the heart of server monitoring and support. Put your trust in the IT support team at Intellengs and make sure that downtime doesn’t derail your ability to conduct business.

Information about Houston, Texas

Houston is the populous city in the Great State of Texas. Countless Houston businesses rely on technology to drive their company’s engine. Small to medium-sized businesses owners use technology to answer emails, store information, communicate with clients, invoice clients, and protect sensitive information. In fact, just about every business need can be solved with technology.

Houston is the fifth most populous city in the United States, which means anyone with a sound business idea can meet with success. There are countless industries in Houston, including manufacturing, energy, transportation, and aeronautics. Houston also boasts the world’s largest concentration of research and healthcare institutions. More tonnage of international waterborne cargo is handled by the Port of Houston. All of which underscores the importance of reliable business technology.

Houston was named for Sam Houston, President of the Texas Republic. Houston was also a soldier and a politician. There was a time when Houston was the Capital of Texas, but in 1839 it was moved to Austin. By 1860, Houston was a railroad hub, which made it a very important location during the Civil War and the years that followed.

Back in those days, Houston business was conducted with papers. Lots of papers. There were no computers, no IT support companies, and communication between communities could days or weeks. Fortunately for today’s business owners, we have a host of technological advancements at our disposal. Conducting business is easier than ever but balancing technology needs require an IT support specialist that knows what they’re doing.

Houston is recognized throughout the world as a leader in the energy industry. Oil and natural gas are mainstays but wind and solar are quickly gaining ground. Houston is also the top city in the United States for exports. The companies and government agencies that drive these markets rely on IT services to connect clients all over the world.

Houston IT Solutions for Small to Medium-Sized Business Owners

As a small to medium-sized business owner, you probably don’t need an IT infrastructure anywhere near as large as a Fortune 500 company. However, you do need to compete in the marketplace. If you don’t offer your customers the same level of quality and customer service as a larger company, you may lose their business.

Talk to one of our IT support specialists today and find out how Intellegens can help you get the most out of technology.

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Our Expert IT Services

With us you would be able to

  • Minimize expenses through automation strategies.

  • Boost your business while we manage your IT infrastructure 24 hours a day.

  • Observe a growth in productivity due to less downtime.

  • Work on the go with our hosted exchange services.

  • Stop worrying about the security of your data.


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Client Reviews: We Love our Clients, And They Love Us!

We are fully dedicated to all our Houston clients. When you work with us, there is no need to worry about customer support. With over 100 clients and counting, you cannot go wrong by choosing Intellegens. Check out what our clients are saying about Intellegens Inc!

“Thanks to the dedication, hard work and resourcefulness of the Intellegens team…”

“Our entire network infrastructure was extremely unreliable and we were losing thousands of dollars per week to network downtime. Several PC‘s were infected with malware, servers were running sluggishly and there was extreme latency in the entire LAN/WAN infrastructure. Thanks to the dedication, hard work and resourcefulness of the Intellegens team, we now have a state of the art network infrastructure that is highly available and highly efficient. We even have offsite backups and offsite disaster recovery solutions in place which are critical to keeping the business up and running in our Houston region which is prone to hurricanes and flooding.”

– Michael R

Intellegens is our go-to IT solution. Whenever we are faced by any sort of an IT problem, for instance, a system breakdown, virus attack, networking problem, Intellegens has always been very reliable in solving that problem for us.

Cindy M

It is pleasing to see that there actually are companies who care about the client, and are willing to go the extra mile for the client’s convenience. I wish Intellegens the very best.

Carla N

I’ve been utilizing the services provided by Intellegens for the past year now. I must admit that everyone at Intellegens is very cooperative and is strongly committed to their philosophy.

Tim G

Very knowledgeable technical staff! We needed security cameras configured and a few minor PC issues addressed. The technician took no time in identifying and correcting all issues.

James R

From the time we started working with Intellegens, they have provided us with flawless service. Their technical staff always provides a quick response to our issues.

Bob M

Today it has been 8months since we went paperless on the recommendation of Intellegens, and I must say it was one of the best business decisions I made.

Harun C

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